Focus Day Training

4 Week Short Course

Learn the essential skills for building up mindfulness in your life with this 4 week course. For people who want to make a positive difference in their world but are short on time and commitment.

What you get:

Learning Outcomes

 Expert Instruction 


Course Material

Why 4 -weeks?

Many people are suffering in this new COVID era, more stress on top of existing home and work pressure. If you want to feel the benefits of mindfulness in a relatively short space of time, this 4 week course covers the essential practices that can support your wellbeing. Shorter practices make it more accessible for busy minded people and we discuss practical application so that you can get started straight away.

  1. How to approach and the attitude needed for mindfulness. 
  2. Develop your skills to improve focus, awareness and attention. 
  3. Engaging emotions, generate positive hormones, opening up to others.
  4. Observing and building resilience for rainy days.

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Cost: £60