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How negative thinking effects me?

Our brains have evolved to notice, heighten, and react to the slightest bit of danger that might come our way. The danger is external but for many, it is in the mind. Our minds naturally look for an excuse to avoid confrontation, whatever is in front of us, and it does this with negative thinking. Even small threats produce a wide range of reactions in our thinking patterns. Everyone participates in these patterns, there is no escape and most of these thoughts are generated to keep us safe, it is not our fault.

Freedom lies in observing it happening in ourselves and others, it can loosen the grip on your mind that negative thinking holds when you see that your mind is driving your thinking. Who is really in charge?

Our minds are so fluid, it is easily influenced by the environment around them. Remembering it was designed to be in nature responding to every moment, except the environment is no longer full of nature. The mind gets hyperactive and hyper-vigilant in the modern world, so uptight that negative thinking may be dominating your nervous system. You will feel no control which feeds the thinking patterns, and it just gets worse for some.

Negative thinking attracts strong emotions like fear, anger, jealousy, and pride that lock everything in place, and we reach for ways to feel better with drugs, alcohol, food, sex, and other risky and addictive behaviors like scrolling, gaming, and gambling. This complex process of keeping you safe from dangers, which evolved over thousands of years, now has you in a mental trap, not of your making. It can ruin the present moment and at its worse it can ruin relationships and lives. Fed by the daily rations of social media, news, general mis information and gossip. We get entwined in the mesh of our society and absorb its messages into our mind and body.

No surprise that mental health issues and suicide will always be on the increase. Our relationship with nature has been separated almost to the point of no return, disease and viruses become more common as we degrade the environment. The working conditions for many is deteriorating and the future can look very bleak indeed, triggering depression and anxiety.

It can feel like there is no way out, especially if the thoughts begin to spiral. For some seeking therapeutic help can bring awareness to this situation, others will have loving relationships that can change our perspective for the good. In the future some may even be trying psychedelic mushrooms legally in controlled environments that will blow away the conditioning within our thinking and enable people to see a different reality.

There is another way, something that has never been taught in schools or by our parents in our modern world. We have been taught to work hard and try to do our best, we set goals and place value on products, things, and stuff. If we can unlearn these things and replace with different values, we can change our minds and live a different reality free from the chains of excessive negative thinking. It all starts with awareness. The moment we realise how and what we think, then positive changes are possible. Where do we find awareness? In being still and quiet, watching and listening to the external and internal worlds and how thinking emerges and takes us hostage. 

And there lies the challenge, finding and practicing ways to be still and quiet in this frantic and noisy world.