Focus Day Training

How to build resilience?

Many of us are struggling at work with difficult times and difficult  people, with large amounts of pressure and stress. Most of us have never been taught how to deal with these things, and for many we were never taught at school or taught by our parents or care givers, on what is mental health and how to strengthen and build on it and how to have a more fulfilling life, being to share ourselves with others, openly and honestly and get things done.

We don’t realise that we are very much like a Japanese bonsai tree. A bonsai tree has been constricted from birth, it has been placed in a small container, its roots have been cut short, leaves have been pruned, even the trunk have been purposely bent to create a particular shape.

 Now, every bonsai tree has the ability to be absolutely beautiful, a reflection of nature’s beauty, manipulated by the hands of man. However, it can also be restricted too much, so that its natural beauty does not shine through, and this is very true of ourselves, especially those of us that life in the western world

It is very individualistic, it is as if we are living in our own pot, with our own restricted roots, we can even pluck our own leaves and we can fall prey to outside events. How can we become more true to ourselves, more authentic? Using our minds to free ourselves form our own internal prison, our own bonsai pots and begin to turn things around

We have the ability to start again like a new day, free from the past, ready for the new start, open to learning new things with a wider perspective that includes more people, more ideas and points of view. We make the choice how much we want to expand our mind. Remembering that a restricted mind causes problems with mental health. Help and supporting others, being less individualist and more a member of the team or tribe. Listening to others and taking on new ideas.

Allowing yourself to appreciate others in new ways, creating a bigger awareness of yourself in the world. We can always learn new things; it is about a positive attitude to change and the truth that we can always adapt to new situations and channel our energy into things we believe in. Even allowing others to help us to see our way out of the shadows.

The only things that stop us from learning is ourselves, we have so much ability and talent that we fail to see, we can see it in others and then become negative, but we cannot escape the fact that our brains are learning machines, lets stop getting in the way of ourselves and start engaging with the world.

Space is not always out there, we have enough space in our minds to expand our horizons, just turn around and take a look. With new habits we build integrity, we can be honest and trust ourselves to be who we actually are. People begin to see our new choices manifesting, it is as if our ethics have changes for the better. We can start again on a new quest of self-discovery, moving toward the light of our futures, embracing compassion and love for ourselves and others in our world.