Focus Day Training

How to manage difficult moments?

When we are going through a difficult time with our thoughts and emotions it can be a very uncomfortable place for a while. Our whole system closes in on the situation and forces us to experience every little detail with tightness in the body and unhelpful thinking patterns. Whether these situations are created by outside events or internal thinking, our instincts kick in and we are in survival mode before we know. Depending on who we are and how we deal with this will determine how long this situation persists. We can miss cue here and think that this is it, everything feels solid including my thoughts, some will end up with the question - what is the point of going on?

Facing it is the only way, but your mind will purposely get in the way, it will avoid or make you angry. The mind struggles with limited or no choices, our own mental circuitry provide a less than perfect evaluation of what is really going on. We can see no way out, becoming angrier at the lack of opportunity to break free. Our attention can narrow in on the smallest piece of negativity and reduce our ability to respond effectively. Now is the time to stop and disrupt the system and find a new perspective. We might be aware enough to do this ourselves, we might need the help of others. Take time to go outside, or to look out into the sky.

The clouds are like thoughts and situations that just float in the sky. The clouds may be dark and full of rain but moving in a sky that is vast and contains everything. When you feel negative you are the dark cloud and feel low and stuck, unaware of any motion. If you were sky you would notice that a small dark cloud was moving slowly and surrounded by endless space.When you are in the problem, instinctively reacting, you may only see the worst at that moment. We can fail to look outside the problem where there is so much more space for opportunity and solutions to exist. Being outside can return the sense that you are a small part of a bigger system, able to bring that space into your mind and body.

We can only think straight and begin to relax our bodies when we are responding like this. Actively taking regular short breaks outside to reflect on a reality that says the solutions exist all around me, the more I am aware of the world around me, the more I see. Nature is constantly changing and adapting, I come from nature and therefore I have the ability to change and adapt.

I live outside in this space too, not just in my head.