Focus Day Training

Slow is the way to go

When you first attempt to meditate it can be more difficult than you expect. Many things get in the way, including a busy mind, wanting to succeed, being the perfect meditator, and thinking that you will benefit straight away. Of course, there may be times when you get a glimpse of peace and calm in the mind or body, however, for most of us, this is not the case.

Taking things slow is the best advice we can take on board. Resisting those temptations to rush in and get it right the first time. Nothing is perfect and we may never find peace in the mind. We soon begin to realize that we are constantly distracted by the minds' relentless pursuit of keeping us busy and for many, we just stop meditating and move on to the next thing we believe will save our soles from the difficulties of living in this modern world.

Mindfulness meditation is worth the effort, we must be relaxed in our journey, understanding we have nowhere to go other than begin to notice what is going on inside and outside of us. Beginning to soften and relax around our worldview will bring results in time. The real answers lie within and the only way we can begin to see them is by slowing down and being kinder towards ourselves.