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What is happiness?

Happiness is not one thing, and thinking that it is one thing; will end up with unhappiness. We will miss the whole point of what happiness is or can be. It is an experience, having a beginning and an end, and will therefore cease to be at some point. Experiences of happiness are not fixed things. Each experience of happiness will have its own particular words and meanings, its mix of people and events. Happiness is never the same, yet we can want to repeat events that trigger happiness.

If you search for it, it will run away and hide. The more it hides, the more our minds turn it into something to own or possess, we begin to strive, search and grasp. When we are happy, we can hang on too long, resisting unhappiness and avoiding people who we think will steal it.

The pursuit of happiness can cut you off from the outside world, a world of suffering. It can cut you off from the inside and your suffering. It stops being happy and turns into something else.

If happiness is not one thing then there is no point looking for it or even trying to collect the various pieces we think it is composed of. Happiness is a side effect of several things happening in our environment and our mindset which both affect how the mind and body feel and experience what happiness is.

Happiness is a condition that has many causes. We need to work on the causes, we need to understand that happiness comes from helping others. We are social animals and we are part of nature, we have a mission and purpose to look after it all.

The problem many of us face is we have become individualistic, alienated nature and continue to buy products that we kid ourselves will make us happy. It can be a mental trap, losing motivation, thinking patterns turn negative and we wonder what the sense of dissatisfaction is all about and whether we have done something wrong.

How do you experience happiness?

Does true happiness exist, or is this a delusion?

What would you recommend to others for their happiness?

If you could help people, what would you be doing?

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