Focus Day Training

What is ignorance?

When we are living in autopilot, having lost our awareness of the present moment we run the risk of other people experiencing the effects of our ignorance. Ignorance is not a item or a thing, it is invisible and gains its energy from society and the way we live.

Like a weather pattern that moves over the land, changing the atmosphere and the conditions and causing change in the environment.

We behave in ways that make us feel safe in our world. A world filled with ideas, thoughts, expectations, and rules. Safety comes in our own bubble, behind closed doors and closed minds. We can be living the dream, a delusion that avoids change. It keeps us feeling comfortable and so we strive to maintain it and invest a lot of time and money too. It hijacks our hormones that encourage us to do more and feel bad when we haven’t done enough.

Like a magic spell, a spell that prevents change and maintains safety. We become blind to the suffering of others and to the potential in ourselves. Avoidance over years encourages us to hold back from change or being more open. Our thinking patterns becoming tight and rigid, black and white, no room for possibility or opportunity.

Like an evil shadow controlling the body, some say a poison that runs through the mind, ignorance is invisible to the owner.

What is it you do, that you know you should stop doing, but continue to do it?

What do ignorant behaviours in others look like?

How might you behave to make other people think you are ignorant?