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Compassion Based Living Course

This course is suitable for those that have completed any form of mindfulness in an 8-week format. EG MBLC, MBSR or MBCT. It is recommended that there is at least a 6 month gap between your original training and that you have kept up a person daily practice. Ideal for any clinical mindfulness practitioner wanting to develop their own compassion as well as those they care for. At present MBSR and MBCT have no progression and recent research is showing that developing the capacity for compassion has beneficial effects. For those clinicians wanting to take part in the course we recommend and introduction session first to highlight the differences in the practical approaches to mindfulness and compassion.

The course is delivered in a nonclinical way and opens up a more personal approach to learning compassionate practices.

The aims of the course are to help you to develop an in-depth personal experience of Compassion and to build the foundations of a sustained personal practice, with a view to applying this in your life and perhaps also in your professional work. The course is primarily experiential, and we would like to invite you to immerse yourself as best as you can into this process. This means adopting an attitude of curiosity to your experience of the present moment and suspending judgment as to whether or not you think these approaches will work for you. It means letting go of opinions and ideas, and putting aside for a while any plans you may hold about applying these skills in a personal or professional capacity when you have finished the course.

Scientific research into Compassion and the brain shows how it can reduce anxiety and depression, reduce the stress response in the body which boosts the immune system, Increase our ability to relax, increase our capacity to deal with life’s difficulties with more perspective and wisdom, help with the management of chronic pain and prevent compassion fatigue and burnout.

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Training to deliver MBLC and CBLC has been undertaken  with the Mindfulness Association and follows strict guidelines.

They offer residential weekend training as well as retreats if you want to take your mindfulness practice further.


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