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 Image result for stockton riverside"There are many challenges in Further Education but for students who have been mandated to continue subjects that they struggle with such as English and maths, a big challenge is to do with how this can make them feel. Students might have the ability but they needed tools to be able to take the fear of an exam situation away. With mindfulness sessions, students benefited from exploring techniques to calm their thoughts and as a result approach exams with less barriers. This resulted in learners meeting on the morning of GCSE exams to practice these techniques and support each other’s nerves. Furthermore, staff were able to explore mindfulness in a way that not only allowed them to better support students but also how they themselves could use mindfulness to support the challenges of their daily life. Staff involved have now taken this forward and incorporated activities into their daily routine. Very successful and worthwhile sessions for all involved."                Leanne Hill - Maths and English Co-ordinator SRC




'Jon came in to our school to deliver a mindfulness assembly and his interesting and knowledgeable delivery hooked the students. The year 11 students were able to practice and take away easy mindfulness techniques they can use as they navigate this important year leading up to GCSE exams.'

 Kelly Rose,  RNutr, Head of Health Education,Macmillan Academy



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'Jon worked at the college, over several weeks, to deliver a mindfulness programme to a group of students. The aim of the work was to reduce the anxiety that these students were experiencing in the lead up to exam season, and to encourage them to develop their own coping mechanisms and strategies using mindfulness techniques.

Many of the students who participated had a diagnosis of autism, and Jon used his skills and knowledge of mindfulness and working with young people with special educational needs to provide a programme which met their individual needs. At the end of the programme all students reported a decrease in their general anxiety, and many identified key mindfulness strategies which could be used in their day to day lives.'      Emma Cowley - Manager of Progression Studies

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