Focus Day Training

Mental Health Awareness Week

Try mindfulness meditation with these free resources.

Take your phones out into nature and find a safe place to sit, then listen or watch these resources, begin to breath and listen to the sounds around you. This is a simple exercise (settling, grounding and resting) that any one can do and the best way to approach it is without expectation or wanting. Once you are familiar with the exercise you can leave your phones at home and listen to the sounds of nature whilst being very mindful.

Settling grounding Resting Audio

Here is a short story to help describe what mindfulness is (7 minutes):

The Hungry Seagull

Mindfulness has many benefits and you can read and download our free pdf too:

Benefits of Mindfulness PDF

To learn a little more about mindfulness click here.

Share freely with you friends, sit quietly in nature with your friends!

If you are stuck inside for whatever reason, this recording has water, wind chimes and birds. Turn the speakers up when you are inside and you may find you feel like you are outside. Enjoy!

Water, chimes and birds

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