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8 Week Mindfulness Based Living Course

If you want to take mindfulness seriously as a self development tool, then this 8-week course is a must. Ideal for those wanting to make a real change in the way people are developed. Excellent for teams and groups of individuals from around the workforce, community and those working in stressful or competitive environments. Also for therapists and medical professionals wanting to take a more mindful approach to their work.

Ideal for teachers wanting to progress to teach the  .b Mindfulness in Schools Project. The MBLC gives access to the 'learn to teach .b' course, and access to weekend 2 of the Mindfulness association's Level 1 Being present Course.

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Learn to take a more open, kind and curious attitude to things. Live in the moment rather than triggering stress, created by your over active mind that spends too long planning, thinking and ruminating. 

The Mindfulness Based Living Course (MBLC) is an 8-week course delivered weekly, in sessions which are typically two hours long. Usually delivered on site, with no IT required, just enough space to sit, walk and lay down. Depending on the room size, class sizes are ideally 10-25.

Each session consists of two practices to develop over the week, along with discussion and inquiry within the session. Supported by a comprehensive handbook and audio downloads to support people with home practice. For those that have completed the full day workshop, then this counts toward the first two weeks.

The MBLC is recognised as an eight week course in the UK Good Practice Guidelines and your trainer is a member of the  UK Listing of Mindfulness teachers


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Training to deliver MBLC and CBLC has been undertaken  with the Mindfulness association and follows strict guidelines.They offer residential weekend training as well as retreats if you want to take your mindfulness practice further.

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