Focus Day Training

Mindfulness course for staff

This course will teach the essential practices of mindfulness and how to apply them at work time and down time. Helping staff meditate formally for short breaks and show them how to be more mindful in an informal way throughout the day. Discovering that we can play an active part in our overall mindset and wellbeing.

In a recent course participants reported: 

30% improved life satisfaction, sense of purpose and happiness. 19% reduction in anxiety.

Learning outcomes:


Using Zoom, TEAMS, or your own webinar solution, at time of your choosing.  20 people max for quality and interaction. Sessions can be recorded. Course materials and mp3 exercises are provided, alongside email support while  staff complete the course. 

6 weeks @ 1 hour per week or 4 weeks @ 1.5 hours per week.

Course overview:

WEEK1- How to approach and the attitude needed for mindfulness. 

WEEK2 - Develop your skills to improve focus, awareness and attention. 

WEEK3 - Engaging emotions, generate positive hormones that can calm the body and mind. 

WEEK4 - Opening up to others. Letting others go.

WEEK5 - Being still and observing by taking a step back and just watching. 

WEEK6 - Build resilience for rainy days, facing your fears.

Materials can be branded as well as created to match the needs of your staff.

Who is this for?


£45 - £65 / employee depending on size of group and the length of course.