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Testimonials for 8 week MBLC course

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'The way Jon explained everything. This has given me a whole new outlook on mindfulness and i plan to continue practicing this after the course.'

'To understand how I feel, why I feel, to recognise what I need to spend energy and time and things to let go. Be kinder to myself, live in the moment.'

'Try to live positively in the present. Be kind to myself. Try to have time to practice relaxation. See my thoughts travelling through the guest house.'

'Ability to relax. Help me understand the way I feel about certain things and situations.'

'The time to be quiet and allow thoughts to pass through.'

'Time to reflect and re-assess what is important in life. Given the toolkit to manage problems and reduce stress in life. Kindness and understanding.'

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Much appreciated the “time out” and permission to start gaining control of my mind.  This is much more than a 8-week course and even though I can feel the improvements now, I also recognise I need further practice too, so that I can build resilience to stress and stressful situations. Jon has a calm and easy-going nature the course was a pleasure to do. Exercising the mind should totally be at the top of everyone’s New Year’s Resolutions list.

- Lin Barry - Workforce Development, Middlesbrough College.


This is very difficult to quantify, in terms of a measurable output how could anyone else measure my mindfulness? So when I say the course and the trainer had a life changing effect it may sound dramatic and I would find it difficult to explain. However it is true and the course far surpassed my expectation, I went with an open mind and in return received wisdom, support and an insight into another outlook, I would love to  continue on this journey, the trainer was an absolute star.

- Gary Rogers. - Estates manager,  Middlesbrough College.


I can say its one of the best things I have done in life. My outlook on life is so much better. I had so many demons from what had gone on in my childhood, that I could not put to rest. For years I could push them to the back of my mind , but they always came back into my mind which made life very hard for me on these days. Now Jon has shown me how to work with my thoughts and feelings at this time,  instead of fearing them. Now I feel free in my mind for the first time in my life.
- Linda Whiting, Craft Assistant, Middlesbrough College.


Excellent course that I have applied to all aspects of my life. Thank you Jon it has been invaluable and has had a huge impact on my well-being.
- Lucy Jones - Lecturer, Middlesbrough College.


Excellent , gentle training that allowed a gradual building of skills over 8 weeks. Thoughtful and empathetic mentoring from Jon. Lots to take away and apply to my life. 
- Alice Reid - Student Engagement Officer, Middlesbrough College.



Participants on an  Adult learning course.





I feel it has confirmed that it is okay to be kind to myself and give my mind a break so it can refresh and progress and reflect. I feel it has validated in the way I thought would be a way forward for me to manage my life. Counselor

More awareness of self and feelings, allowing time to practice, more insight into self and others, compassion for others and recognising my anxieties. Councelor

I have changed, making more time for myself and being more kind to myself and those around me. Retired

I feel I am more tolerant, kinder and take a step back to evaluate situations more, and accept that you cannot change things but can accept them. I don't rush as much. Councelor

I am happy with my progress, I have learnt new techniques and how I can use them indifferent aspects of my life. I have realised that mindfulness can and does work, but only if I invest time in it. Teaching assistant

Before i started this course I had a very busy mind. I have now more control and can take control of my thoughts by using mindfulness tools. To reflect and use these tools more within my working roll. Councelor

I can take time out to sit quietly and close one issue before moving on to the next. I have learnt to be kinder to my self and others by having greater awareness of what is happening around me. I am learning not to take o n the baggage of others. Manager

More able to respond, instead of react. Kinder to others, less judgmental. More calm and thoughtful, need to keep practicing. Retired

I am making slow and steady progress with stress and anxiety I had at the beginning of the course. Carer

I feel very good about my progress in mindfulness. It has been a positive contribution to my own personal development and helped me cope with significant life changes. Artist

I didn't really know know about mindfulness. I feel I have some knowledge now and I realise it is an ongoing journey. It has helped me with physical and emotional situations. i want to keep practicing and getting better. Tutor


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