Focus Day Training

BOROMANCAN 6 week Mindfulness Course for men.

Working with BOROMANCAN to provide a free mindfulness course for men. Teaching the foundation skills of mindfulness meditation and how to apply them in life. Weekly practices and discussion. Delivered free as part of a COVID response for the local Men in Middlesbrough.

6 Week mindfulness course:

Delivered online via zoom, 7-8pm Wednesdays 5th August -9th September

What follows is information that was shared, at no point did I set out to gather lots of data. This was a trial course to just see how things went. A response to lockdown. A short 4 questionnaire was used at the beginning and end of the course, this was not compulsory and only 4 filled it in. I avoided asking them for too much detail and got straight on with the course and the exercises, only then did I ask about what they noticed whilst doing the exercises.

Participants: 11 Males, white,

Age: 4 (25-34) 5 (35-44) 2 (55-64)

Attendance: 3 sessions missed by three people over the course.

Occupations: 2 decorators, 1 security guard, 2 process workers, 1 teacher, the rest unknown

Shared difficulties: busy minds, moving to a new house, young children, mental health, lockdown, pressure at work.

50% decrease in anxiety levels in those that completed the questionnaire.

Slight improvements on happiness scale and that things in life where worthwhile in those that completed the questionnaire.



Delivering mindfulness-based activities online did not prove to be a barrier, in fact that might be a reason for such good attendance over the weeks.

Having men together of different backgrounds and ages was not a barrier.