Focus Day Training

BOROMANCAN 6 Week Mindfulness Course For Men.

Working with BOROMANCAN to provide a free 6 week mindfulness course for men, using online delivery. Teaching the foundation skills of mindfulness meditation and how to apply them in life. Weekly practices and discussion. Delivered free as part of a COVID response for the local Men in Middlesbrough.

In the six week men reported a 50% decrease in their anxiety levels and slight increases in happiness. The men aged between 25-64 and shared their experiences of mindfulness and how they used it for dealing with busy minds, moving to a new house, young children, mental health, lockdown, pressure at work.


"Easy to follow course without feeling need to get personally involved but option to do so if required. Much appreciated even though I missed the last session."

"Thanks again for the course it really has helped but I know this is just the beginning of the journey. "

"I feel, having been on the course I now think and take 3 minutes out before I blow my top and I now say ‘be well’ to them and it actually works, don’t get annoyed very easy now.
I was aware of mindfulness before taking this course and had used breathing exercises before. I really enjoyed this 6 week course and it definitely helped me to improve my understanding of mindfulness and the application of it."

"I was apprehensive at first doing a video course with others but soon got over that with Jonathan’s delivery. It was great to share stories and hear that other people were going through similar things and Jonathan was very good at finding the balance between delivering the course content and also allowing people to talk and share things with the group. I would definitely like to keep doing something like this in the future to maintain my practice and have an outlet to share things in a group,."