Focus Day Training

Doctors Practice

At an East Cleveland doctors practice staff from different clinical and medical roles within the practice came together to complete the 8 week Mindful Based Living course. Great to see and experience staff taking this subject seriously and making connections with how to use in the workplace and home. Working in a medical setting is a very stressful environment and this can effect our performance at work and also our own mental health. Learning mindfulness can be difficult, especially when our minds are so busy, that is why an 8 week course is so essential is it takes time to quieten the mind and time to develop the skills for doing that.

Feedback from the group has been excellent and we wish them well in developing their own practice as well as continuing together as a group on their mindful journey.

What did you find most useful in the course?

'The way Jon explained everything. This has given me a whole new outlook on mindfulness and i plan to continue practicing this after the course.'

'To understand how I feel, why I feel, to recognise what I need to spend energy and time and things to let go. Be kinder to myself, live in the moment.'

'Try to live positively in the present. Be kind to myself. Try to have time to practice relaxation. See my thoughts travelling through the guest house.'

'Ability to relax. Help me understand the way I feel about certain things and situations.'

'The time to be quiet and allow thoughts to pass through.'

'Time to reflect and re-assess what is important in life. Given the toolkit to manage problems and reduce stress in life. Kindness and understanding.'