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Everyone Project - Hillside surgery

Working with Hillside Surgery, Skelton and the Everyone project to deliver a Mindfulness Based Living Course for 12 participants over 8 weeks. This grant, given by 'the everyone project' enabled this course to be delivered for free for patients throughout Lockdown. Helping people to respond to change in their world with mindfulness practices. A great time was had by all, we created a group/team atmosphere with everyone participating and practicing through the week. Using mindfulness as an approach the general health and wellbeing has shown to be effective for everyone and they have participated in research for the use of mindfulness in daily life.

Here is some of the feedback:

"My feedback the course has improved my sleep and allowed me to find compassion for myself.  I now try and worry about things less and fixate on the worries less.  Found the whole course very helpful."

"Thanks for the course. I found it challenging, fruitful and rewarding."

"I was apprehensive at first but knew I had to try the course to help improve my physical and mental wellbeing. After practicing the techniques daily, concentrating on breathing and counting for one week; I felt much more in control and found my IBS was more in control. Additionally, I found I was not as anxious about being outside during this pandemic. By the third week, I felt able to tackle going into a shop. This would have been impossible for me to contemplate without mindfulness training. Jon has been an excellent coach, supportive and understanding. I would thoroughly recommend this course. I intend to continue my involvement and practice as it has been beneficial in so many areas of my life."

"My thoughts on the course are very positive.  I feel that I have learnt a lot of techniques that I can apply in my daily life especially to help me cope with times of anxiety and stress and difficult situations. I also enjoy the more focused practice times that I engage in as I feel that this is time for me. The course has helped me feel calmer and less anxious in general daily life. I have learnt to be kinder to myself which is sometime I’ve always struggled with and although I still have to remind myself to use the strategy it does work and help me when I do apply it. I also find I cope better with situations where other people would have made me feel angry due to what I have learnt on the course. "

"The course has been a brilliant balance of having time to apply the theories we have learnt and giving us chance to practice the techniques with others. Jon, you facilitated the course brilliantly. You made it interesting and I personally felt that you were approachable and that we could ask you any questions we might have had."

"I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to attend and participate in what has been a very interesting and insightful experience. I have learnt about the theory and practice of mindfulness, its uses and application in day to day life on a very practical level and thinking about the quality and meaning of life longer term. It has helped me change the way I approach dealing with stressful situations which is now in a much more calm and measured way and I can feel the physical and mental health benefits of this. It has also helped me reflect about aspects of myself I was unaware of and in doing so changed my outlook and view on myself and others"

"The sessions were all very well planned in that they felt like a building block approach; each one contributing and adding to the previous one whilst maintaining a solid  foundation to build upon by reviewing what had been done and showing how that fitted with new knowledge, information, learning and practice. There was plenty of excellent learning materials as well as provision of sources."

the everyone project exists on donations and provides support for hard to reach communities with mindfulness courses, check out their web site:

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