Focus Day Training

Full day mental health awareness courses with PAM

Full day workshops with ATOS staff covering mental health awareness and stress risk assessment. Important topics for this company delivered at several sites in the North East. Good people to work with, all very aware of how it is important to look after ourselves in  the workplace. Delivered on behalf of PAM.




Example of the excellent feedback below:

1                    2                      3                      4 – x5               5 – x11

  1. Case Studies
  2. Recognising the contribution, I can make to others
  3. Scenario discussions, consideration of feelings/stressors
  4. Signs and symptoms of stress, breathing exercises
  5. Mindfulness, risk assessment
  6. Wellness and wellbeing
  7. Mindfulness, s tress triggers, OARS and GROW
  8. Mindfulness, recap on services, OARS and GROW
  9. Group discussions
  10. The language we use, mindfulness
  11. Aware of own risk of stress, not their fault
  12. Identifying mental issues, support and relaxation exercises
  13. How to have  difficult conversations
  14. Mindfulness, trigger for stress
  15. Overall awareness, how to deal with issues in the workplace
  16. Support available, breathing exercises

Met your expectations -                           Yes – x16           No                          Somehow

Be useful or applicable in your work -     Definitely – x16     Mostly  Not at all

  1. Thank you very informative
  2. Presenter was really good and held the group
  3. Really beneficial session
  4. Really enjoyed it thanks
  5. Great delivery by Jon
  6. Very well structured
  7. Facilitator very knowledgeable, kept everyone engaged, fun and rewarding course
  8. Followed really well and at perfect pace

Enjoyed the content of the day and variety covered.