Focus Day Training

Health and Wellbeing with the Ministry of Justice

Working with PAM Assist to deliver a 12 week programme of Health and Wellbeing courses at Holme House prison. Supporting Ministry of Justice staff with a trainer the trainer course for staff to deliver their own disability awareness course.

"Excellently presented and Jon was very knowledgeable. Nice calm and relaxed atmosphere. Part 2 would be very useful."

"This workshop provided me with  knowledge and an understanding of why I am mostly negative and techniques to try and be more positive."

"Useful awareness and thought provoking session. Good to think about applying to the workplace."

"As somebody who suffers stress and anxiety, I have found this course extremely helpful and it has helped me to understand why I feel these things. Excellent facilitator. I personally feel a couple more sessions would be perfect for this course to give me a greater understanding."

"I found this workshop helpful for meas someone who has a short temper and gets stressed quite easily. i have learnt techniques to help and have come away with a different mindset on certain situations."

"Very informative and a good reminder about diet, exercise and mental health being very important."

"Found this course very beneficial to both myself and people around me."

"Very informative and informal, very useful and enjoyable. John excellent as before."

"Good to discuss even through some areas already known. Good to learn other opinions."