Focus Day Training

Looking back before moving forward

A busy end to the spring and early summer. Lots of time spent in schools over the past few months alongside new customers and learning along the way.

Recent research from the Myriad project has mixed views on teaching mindfulness in schools, interestingly they find similar results to my own personal working practice. Spending time in SEN primary schools with teachers/SENCO's supporting their well-being with a mindful-based approach proves effective and accessible. Making a regular space in the week to be together and decompress, rest, and share some personal anecdotes and stories can and do promote teamwork, and team support. When it comes to teaching mindfulness to young people then I would suggest people only use those mindfulness teachers that are BAMBA registered and have some classroom experience. Please support your mindfulness teacher by selecting appropriate groups that can sit in a quiet and sometimes uncomfortable environment. Small groups of anxious, SEN students are most suited to this type of work and even 1:1 can be very supportive to those who struggle in the company of other students. Although the subject could provide a whole school lesson or assembly it is defiantly not suited for the mainstream. I often wonder why CAHMS don't offer more of this approach to specific groups. Now that would be a study!

New customers are still noticing the effects of lockdown and current daily pressures affecting the health and wellbeing of employees. Webinars still form the majority of work-based delivery for FDT. Topics covered have been menopause, compassionate communication, dealing with change, and mindfulness. The customers who have been more committed to the well-being of staff, offer a wide menu of support and mindfulness is delivered in short courses throughout the year and at different times. Others offer regular weekly well-being breaks with different topics each week.

Having taken a little time to reflect and rest before I set out once again into life, these are my lessons learned: