Focus Day Training

Mindfulness workshops

Working as an associate training for Workplace Wellness, developing and delivering their mindfulness workshops within the HMRC. Training other associates with this material to ensure a quality and knowledgeable delivery.  Working throughout the year across the North East teaching skills to be able to deal with change and its effect.










“I loved the course. My only comment would be it would be better in a nicer place” –  9/10

“Really enjoyed it. Have come away feeling that Mindfulness could have a great impact on my life” –  9/10

“I really enjoyed the course and feel it will enable me to deal with situations I find stressful in a more calm and positive way” – 10/10

“The tutor was excellent – 9/10

“Session could have been longer” – 8/10

“I really really got something out of this session. Very good use of HMRC time and resource . Will now investigate to suit me” –  9/10

“I really enjoyed this session and will be looking into Mindfulness and try to include exercises in my life” - 9/10