Focus Day Training

Reducing anxiety with mindfulness meditation

Delivering an 8 week Mindfulness Course for a group of people from South Tees was always going to be interesting. Promoting mindfulness in Teesside is notoriously difficult, whatever the reasons are they vanished into thin air when this course was supported by South Tees Wellbeing Network and the Everyone Project, providing funding and marketing support to enable a large class to successfully take place on line and live.

Using many different points in the course to gather data on how people where feeling and experiencing life, the one marker that showed dramatic signs of improvement among the group was lowering levels of anxiety. Although this was not truly scientific in the gathering and study of the data we can see that it provides a very useful starting point for individuals to talk about finding ways to lesson symptoms of anxiety.

Simple daily practices of mindfulness meditation, mixed with a little more paying attention during the day can have positive impacts on your life.

Feedback for some of the participants reflects this 20% reduction in anxiety levels:

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