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Resilience worshops May/June/July

Working with Chemoxy in Teesside to deliver 6 resilience workshops for men as part of the Middlesbrough Councils #BOROMANCAN project. 2 hour workshops discussing anxiety and resilience levels, values, time spent exercise and setting goals for change in our work and personal lives. These workshops proved to be a success with excellent feedback all round and men relaxing in each others company and discussing freely issues that effect our resilience. Chemoxy have a great family atmosphere complimenting how they manage and look after staff. A pleasure to work with, thank you.

Excellent feedback was received after the first session which was publicised, helping to increase the uptake for sessions following.  Coincidentally, articles appeared in the local news at the same time stating Middlesbrough has one of the highest suicide rates in the U.K., and mainly men.  Two separate employees sent the article to the Health Advocates and these facts were used to encourage more people to attend.  The Women in the company saw the course booklets and expressed interest in this course.   A further session date was secured (as Jon has a cancellation) and opened up to a mixed group.  Through word of mouth feedback, Senior Management staff/Directors put time aside in their busy schedules to attend.    Overall feedback comments received:-

“The course was good in that it opens the door for people to recognise the early signs of stress and how to manage such situations”

“The course was enjoyable and easy paced. Jon encouraged participant interaction and raised numerous thought provoking scenarios, primarily geared towards mental health and wellbeing. He didn’t preach right or wrong, instead asking those present to consider what matters to them, how well do they cope with difficult situations and what they may want to do differently or work on”

“The course would undoubtedly be of benefit to most, if not all, on site if they are willing to be open minded and join in the discussion”  

“I found the course worthwhile and informative  and would like to look attend any further courses on managing stress”

“My pie chart showed balance is needed i.e. more family and friends and less “time alone”;  The resilience indicator score was surprising;  It made me think about what I value most. 

“I thought it was a very useful session.The Time Spent Stress Wheel was a very good indicator of areas I need pay more or less attention to so I can achieve the desired balance in my life. The work book has some very useful tools to help assess where I am right now.”

“..the session was more a “food for thought” giving us tools to use to monitor our resilience and check where we are rather than “this is what you should do”

“..the stress wheel as it showed up one or two “empty” segments for me that I might want to make more of an effort with.  Interestingly it showed an inordinate amount of time spent with family which is great in one respect but perhaps is a detriment in another.  Perhaps I need to spend more time in other segments???  Food for thought.

The resilience questionnaire was a surprise in that I thought I would score higher (and show more resilience) so another area for thought and action.

Feedback Forms handed to Jon Lee, comments as follows:-

In response to What did you find the most useful in the workshop:

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