Focus Day Training

Unite - How to deal with stress using mindfulness

A full day workshop with union reps from Unite demonstrated how mindfulness can be used to help deal with symptoms and situations related to stress. Working and supporting people can be an exhausting thing to do, especially day after day when colleagues are coming to you with problems and anxieties about workplace situations. This workshop was designed to move step by  step by practicing different techniques and how they help to change the mind and allow us to calm down in the moment and the long term.

Mindfulness is not for fixing and solving problems that teams face, it is more about you, and how you can apply the skills in your own life to effect your own well-being.These workshops show how mindfulness can be utilised and introduced into the workplace, by a wide and varied audience, the workshop not only teaches techniques, it provides clear links to evidence and encourage participants to ask as many questions as they like in order to clarify what mindfulness is and what it is we need to do to benefit from its practice.