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Supporting Home Workers

With more staff working from home than ever before, it is important to help their resilience and wellbeing. For some working from home can increase a sense of loneliness, anxiety and burnout. A recent study from Nuffield Health (June 2020) found that 80% of workers say their mental health has been impacted by working from home. Even with Lockdown restrictions easing, many people will still be working from home. All our sessions are 1 hour in length and all courses are 6 weeks in length. Building safety and relationships is key to all our sessions, encouraging participation and a sense of involvement.

What is on offer on-line?

Resilience course - 6 weeks

Taking a health and wellbeing approach to building resilience, reflecting and revisiting  topics that we often forget. Each week covers a different topic that can be put into action immediately. Using the online group setting to encourage discussion amongst teams for encouragement and a less personal view of our own difficulties and challenges.


Mindfulness course - 6 weeks

Staff will learn how to improve wellbeing and manage mental health using short meditations practices and discussion on how to apply in real life and working from home. 6 weeks of 1 hour sessions at a time of your choosing.

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Sleep course - 6 weeks

Sleeping badly is one of the major causes of ill health. Learn more about what sleep is and how essential it is to our wellbeing. Learn techniques to set a course for making positive changes to your sleep routines.

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Breakout rooms

For your online meetings, conference or training days, providing a time in the day for participants to wind down and gather their thoughts. Helping your staff take a reflective break and atching the theme to your agenda.


'Getting out of the red zone and into the green zone' - Self reflection workshop 

Taking an hour to highlight the importance of knowing where and how we are. Using knowledge taken from the field of neuroscience and evolutionary psychology we discover how we have been spending our time and what processes have been fueling our approach to life and work. Learning how we can change this approach to generate more calm and purpose and reduce habitual striving and stress.

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Introduction to mindfulness - 1 hour

What mindfulness is and how it supports health and wellbeing? A 60 minute look at the benefits, including an opportunity to practice simple techniques. A great way to assess interest in taking mindfulness further. Removing barriers and judgements around this subject.

1:1 Support 

Referring staff that may benefit from a more personal approach to resilience and wellbeing. This is not counselling or therapy and is best referred to as 'mindful coaching'. This can be one-off or multiple sessions.


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Online training with 'Education Training Collective' - Teesside, April 2020.
"I already feel like it’s had an impact on me – I slept better last night, and woke up feeling more positive this morning! I am going to try and incorporate the techniques and methods we went over into my daily routine as much as possible. I would definitely like to take part in further sessions that built on what we covered in our first one.

"Really good session. Made you think of different techniques to help with mindfulness and reminding you that you do need to take time out for  yourself."

"I think the session was excellent and gave us a good understanding of how Mindfulness can support not just at home, but also with work too. Jon did a fantastic job delivering the session and we all have definitely taken techniques away from it.