Focus Day Training



All workshops are tailored for health, wellbeing and resilience and include advice and practical tips for introducing them in real life. They are hands on and skills are practiced within the session. Workshops can be one-off events or as part of a planned approached for your staff. Helping you to maximise the time available for training.


The courses that are on offer are based on Mindfulness. Research shows that longer periods of mind training delivers more impact and life long change than just one-off sessions. In all our courses, participants get to try a variety of skills that they can apply to their life. Different techniques for different situations and suitable for all levels of staff. Each person will learn something about themselves and how to create more choices and respond rather than react to situations. Resources are provided in the form of handbooks and recordings that can be online or downloaded. These classes are delivered in the workplace or an outside venue.


Coaching can be a key component in guiding supervisors, managers and leaders through change. Being able to talk through their own health and wellbeing and create new ways of looking and dealing with situations at work and home can offer benefits for the individual and the business. Coaching with Focus Day Training can be face to face or via mobile devices and can be separate or part of a company approach for developing management and making changes for a healthier workplace.