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What is Mindfulness?

"Knowing what is happening while it is happening without preference or judgment"

Rob Nairn (Co-Founder of the UK based Mindfulness Association)

Research informs us that taking time out is a natural process for our brains. We can practice mindfulness to build on this and create new neural pathways in the brain which take our thoughts in a more positive direction and can bring many other benefits:

A Harvard study found our minds are wandering an average of 47% of the time and that "A wandering mind is an unhappy mind."

We get distracted with habits and routines and have a natural negative bias to our thinking, causing problems in our thinking and behaviour. With mindfulness, we learn to return to ourselves with a sense of safety and ease in the present moment. This attitude of curiosity allows us to create new and healthier ways of responding to challenges.


Benefits of Mindfulness PDF

Free audio practice - 3 minute Breathing space

Animation 'What is mindfulness?'

7 minute short story - The Hungry seagull